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What is the Sea Of Thieves Log App?

Basically, it's a free web app that you use to manually keep a record of all the piracy you and your crew wreak upon on the Sea Of Thieves.

Keep a running count of ships sunk, events completed, flags raised, etc... Have the app tally up your plunder and record your ship size and crew for each session. Review your past deeds by viewing your ship's log which lists out each individual record with a date/time stamp. Brag to your fellow pirates by sharing your ship's profile page which contains a summary of all your exploits.

Want more? You can install our Discord Bot on your own server and also use the new Stream Overlay in your stream!

To get started Join Our Discord and our community and share your adventures with us. Help us continue to develop the app as well all enjoy our time out on the Sea of Thieves!

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Murray, the Discord Bot and Ship Logs

Your exploits are recorded real time and also posted publically to our discord log channel. You can also install our Murray Bot on your discord server, select the ships you want to see and have it post the logs real time.

All our current ships and their public logs can be found here: https://www.sotshiplog.com/ships

Add a Logger Overlay to your Stream!

There's a counter your can easily apply to your stream overlay that will keep a tally your sinks while using the logger!

Visit Our Discord and Activate Your Logger!

To use the Sea Of Thieves Ship's Log, you need to be a member of the Gentlemen Of Fortune Discord: http://discord.gg/DuR7U54

This is a living app that is actively being developed. Join us and give feed back and help make the app better.